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It's not all glitter and applause in the Performing Arts and we want to ensure that all performers have the necessary tools to not just put on ripper performances but to also run their businesses effectively while ensuring they don't neglect to care for their mild mannered alter egos.

We are dedicated to helping performing artists learn to safeguard and promote their wellbeing by encouraging them to fully realise their potential on and off the stage.  We aim to combat the rise of mental illness in the Arts by helping performers to properly value their offerings and prepare for a life beyond the spotlight. 

Business Skills and Welbeing Classes
Meetup Event
Business Skills and
Wellbeing Classes

We run workshops (or 1;1 coaching sessions) to give Performing Artists the tools they need to thrive in the Entertainment Industry.  We aim to ensure all artists leave our programs energised,  hopeful and armed with practical tools.  


Choose from these workshops;

Setting yourself up for success

     - Business Basics and Being easy to work with

     - The things every artist should do before hitting the stage

     - Practical tips on being a Producer's Dream booking

     - Great for new performers or those considering an Arts career

Self Loathing, Self Promotion and Self Care

     - Beating Imposter Syndrome and Re-framing 'those' thoughts

     - Finding your voice and staying true to it in your brand

     - Creating time for Self Care within a hectic performing schedule

     - Balancing your creative drive with the muggle world

Ethical Production 101

     - Putting on amazing shows and caring for your artists

     - From Runsheets to payment everything you need behind the scenes

     - Creating safe spaces and being an equal opportunity employer 

     - When things go wrong, from no shows to conflict resolution

School Programs
School Programs

Have us  attend your School or Arts organisations to promote safe entry into a career in the Performing Arts and raise awareness of the mental health and workplace safety concerns within the Entertainment Industry.

Ensuring students have a realistic view of a career in the Arts and some practical tools to help smooth their bumpy first steps will help them to succeed in the long term. 

Teens & Library
Speaking Engagements

We have yet to meet someone outside the Arts who has had a truly good grasp of the current plight of Australian Entertainment Industry.  Help us raise awareness by inviting us to present at your next corporate function or seminar.  As guest or keynote speakers we will always leave your attendees with something to think about and practical ways to support loved ones in the Arts or colleagues leading the double life.

Raisng Awareness
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