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At Cherri On Top we delight in creating little pockets of vaudeville fantasy in the everyday world,  whether you are along for the ride with Snake Oil Cabaret or deep in throes of the latest Murder Mystery Cabaret adventure you are sure to be a part of something special and something that you will want to come back to enjoy time and time again.

Taking great care to create opportunities for performing artists to ply their trade in safe and supportive environments we have made a name for ourselves as consummate professionals with everyone's best interests at heart.  

All shows are available as private event packages or tickets are available when the next outing is announced.

Snake Oil Cabaret

When Snake Oil Cabaret comes to town beware Hannibal’s disarming smile and Cherri's enchanting curves.


Given half the chance these two will sell you your own mother and you'll even thank them for it!

Their travelling show is full to overflowing with Comedy Cure Alls, Burlesque Love Potions and Musical Medicines.  So be sure to hold your dreams close and your wallets closer as the Figjam Siblings bring you a wickedly good night out.

Just come on right inside, they've got your dreams.

Thursday December 20th


Friday December 21st


Murder Mystery Cabaret

This show will to take you on an adventure like none other. Throughout the live performance you will follow along with an original story and then get the opportunity to flex your deductive muscles during the breaks to solve the mystery, bringing the darstardly deeds to light and their perpetrators to justice.


Based in Melbourne, Australia but servicing clients globally.

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ABN - 14 228 425 379 

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Events Management and ArtistWellbeing

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