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Events Management and ArtistWellbeing

Code of


The wellbeing and safety of our performers is always first and foremost at Cherri On Top and so we have developed our Three Laws of the Performing Arts and our Code of Conduct. 


1.    A performer may not in any way injure (physical or otherwise) a fellow Cast or Crew member or,

       through inaction, allow a Cast of Crew Member to come to harm.
2.    A performer must respect requests made by their Producers or Directors,

       except where such requests would endanger themselves or conflict with the First Law.
3.    A performer must promote their own brand,

       so long as such promotion does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.


Part of the great tradition that is the Stage is a code of ethics which belongs to every person on the stage, crew and cast member alike. This code has been observed throughout centuries of performance art and will hopefully continue to be lauded long after we shy away from the spotlight. It is neither superstition, nor human right, nor enforced by law. Rather it is an attitude toward artistry, a respect for the craft and a dedication toward the audience. This code outlines a self-discipline, which, far from stifling performers of their individuality, provides opportunities to increase their personal esteem and dignity through cooperation and common purpose.  This code allows each member of a production to enjoy a workplace in which they can rest assured everyone on the team is working together to keep the production and each other free from all kinds of injury, be they mental, physical or emotional.  The result of the community working together with this guideline is always a level of excellence that will keep our patrons thirsty for new art and the artists creating for them day in and day out.


The Show Must Go On!

  • I shall play every performance to the absolute best of my ability, no matter of how small my part or large my personal problems, how bad the weather or how great the task. 


  • It happens to everyone, there are moments when a crisis may disrupt your arrival time, so PLAN for those moments by arriving early. Those extra minutes will allow you to warm up, properly greet your fellow cast members, or to allow yourself space to get in the zone. If lateness truly is unavoidable, you must communicate, call, or message your Producer and let him/ her know your expected arrival time.


  • I will respect my audience regardless of the size or of their station.  That sole audience member has paid the same individual ticket price as the full house that loved your performance last week. You have a responsibility to ALL involved to perform to the best of your ability every single time, regardless of audience size or engagement.


The Show

  • I shall remember that my aim is to create illusion. Therefore, I will not (without express permission from my Producer) destroy that illusion by appearing out of character yet in costume and make-up off stage or outside the theatre prior to my performance.


  • I shall look upon the production as a collective effort demanding my utmost cooperation.  Hence, I will forego the gratification of ego for the demands of the show. I will be patient and avoid temperamental outbursts, for they create tension with my colleagues and serve no useful purpose.  I shall never blame my co-workers for my own failure.


  • I shall accept advice in the spirit in which it is given and I shall not give unsolicited feedback backstage.  I will never engage in caustic criticism of another artist’s work from jealousy or an urge to increase my own prestige.



  • I will observe backstage courtesy, all common decency and shall comport myself in strict compliance with rules of the Venue and Production in which I am engaged.


  • I will play my part in keeping the noise level down when backstage and even during tech rehearsals. Please avoid excess talking, some theatres and backstage areas have fabulous acoustics and voices can carry.


  • I will not give in to diva behaviour regardless how successful I seem compared to my colleagues.  The dressing room is a shared space and I will not take it over or through my selfishness or negligence create undue risks to the person, belongings or costume and props of my fellow performers.  I will not leave open and unattended drinks, food or make up supplies that could cause stains or damage and I shall not drink any liquid backstage that may stain or damage our costumes.


  • Remember, just because we portray dramatic characters onstage does NOT mean we must portray them off.  Don’t spread rumor or gossip which is malicious and tends to reflect discredit on the production, the venue or any personnel connected with them-either to people inside or outside the group.  And don’t accept such behaviour from others.  A safe working environment is not one where your colleagues are afraid of whether or not you will be sharing their stories at next week’s gig.

The Production

  • I shall remember that putting on a successful show requires cooperation and teamwork from all members of the team, be they cast, crew, venue or management.  This cooperation is a two way street and all endeavours will be made by all parties to support and promote each others success and wellbeing.

  • I will ensure all incidents that could put any member/s of our team at any kind or risk of injury are reported to my Producer immediately.  These incidents can include but are by no means limited to faulty equipment, bullying and sexual harassment.

  • My participation in the production includes promotion of the event to my network and fan base by my usual means, eg newsletters, social media etc. I understand that while my pay is not determined based on the number of punters I personally bring in that it is in the best interests of every member of the team to promote and help to achieve sell out events.

  • My acceptance of a spot in the Production is dependant on my transparent communication with the Producer/s.  I acknowledge that I shall not endeavour to hide my involvement in competing events and will seek to ensure my Producer/s are made fully aware of my participation in competing events in the 4 weeks leading up to the Production.  This is to prevent conflicts of interest arising that could result in diluted ticket sales or poor event attendance. 

    • Conflicts of interest can include but are by no means limited to performance of the same routine in other events in the one city, Headlining multiple shows in the one city, putting on your own Production of a similar format or nature or poaching multiple performers from this production for your own similar production to occur within 60 days either side of the one you are being booked in.  This is not to say you cannot accept other gigs, you definitely should, but ensure that you discuss possible conflicts of interest before they become problematic for anyone.

  • I acknowledge that it is the role of my Producer to ensure that I and my colleagues enjoy a safe and harmonious working environment, free from harassment, intimidation and other unprofessional behaviours.  The Producer reserves the right to deal with any such behaviour or any breach of this code of conduct by the most appropriate means available at the time from being pulled from the line up and up to filing of charges. 



  • I will show respect at all times for my colleagues, the Producer/Director’s vision and the audience.

          For Producers and Directors          They can book you again

          For Crew and Stage Kitties            They can make you look unpolished

          For Venue Staff                             They can make your life miserable

          For Your Fellow Performers           They can upstage you

          For Your Audience                        They have paid to see you

          For Yourself                                  Value your contribution to the arts by following these

                                                              guidelines and by taking care of yourself.  


  • Always remember that for this show you were chosen over many other performers, so please respect yourself and your brand and live up to everyone’s belief in you.  Keep healthy, be safe and be you.

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