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We Melbourne's very own fast growing social enterprise dedicated to the safeguarding the wellbeing of Artists and creating a better tomorrow for the Arts and those who love them.  At Cherri on Top we just love to produce Innovative and Inspirational Events, but with founders who have long been walking the boards themselves our company admittedly has a flair for the dramatic.  This dramatic flair and love of the limelight that has seen the Wellbeing side of the Cherri On Top flourish.  We work hard to provide opportunities to ensure that emerging and established Performing Artists can learn how to promote and protect their own Mental, Emotional and Financial Wellbeing is a cause that is close to our hearts.

When you work with Cherri On Top you can be sure that your event will be run using the utmost Best Practice for Ethical Events.  We pride ourselves on partnering with a range of local and social enterprises that work alongside us for the long term betterment of society, so that whether it is the yummy catering or the Entertainers you can relax in the knowledge that your Event is contributing to a better tomorrow.

From Corporate Events that increase togetherness, Themed Gala Events or Full Stage Shows we have done it all and for you, we will happily do it all again. 

Our Mission

We aim to showcase Best Practice in Sustainable and Ethical Event Production resulting in innovative and inspirational Events and Workshops that provide opportunities for Performing Artists to protect and promote their own mental, emotional and financial wellbeing.  We intend to direct our efforts in such a manner that when we leave the Performing Arts they will stand as a greater institution for our having laboured there.  

Our Team

Whether you know them on stage or off there is no denying that our founders Jon and Rachel are a force to be reckoned with.  Driven by a desire to put together the most effective and memorable events and to create the best opportunities for Performing Artists these two are a equally at home in front of a classroom full of nervous Year 12 students as they are MCing a corporate gala in full costume.


As a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Educator by trade (check out Glass Cannon Media if you don't know what we mean) Jon brings a wealth of experience in Marketing, Education and Visual Design to the table. 

Whereas Rachel is an Entrepreneur, Performing Artist (as Cherri Figjam) and Event Manager from way back so her contribution to the team is the Wellbeing, Coaching and Event Production pieces of the Cherri On Top Puzzle.


Based in Melbourne, Australia but servicing clients globally.

PO Box 1019

ABN - 14 228 425 379 

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Events Management and ArtistWellbeing

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