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Performers Please Note!!

We are a wellbeing focused organisation and while the below constitutes the nitty gritty business details of working with us we also expect all of our performers to adhere to our Code of Conduct and we reserve the right to terminate our booking with anyone found in breach of this.  While we hope this does not ever have to happen, if the situation does arise we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible of this cancellation.


Payment Processing Window

Money from online ticket sales doesn't come through to Cherri On Top until up to 10 days after the show and so unfortunately we cannot run pay on the night events.   Payment for Contractors will be processed from 10 and no more than 12 business days from the date of the show, or last date of the season, any delays to this timing will be advised in writing as soon as their are identified.  

Independent Contractors

Cherri On Top does not have employees, yet.  We engage independent contractors for all our performance and crew positions, this means if you are performing in a Cherri On Top Production, you are considered an Independent Contractor.  All Independent Contractors must hold a valid ABN (Australian Business Number) or the appropriate visa allowing them to work in Australia, as well as their own current and valid Performers Insurance.​

Payment Slips and Invoices

It is up to each Independent Contractor to ensure that you provide us your ABN and bank details prior to the payment processing window.  

You will be provided with a Payment Slip that will itemise your fee according to your agreement with us.  Your final payment may be comprised of your pre-arranged performance fee and  for Snake Oil Cabaret  also any merchandise sold on the night through the Snake Oil Marketplace, this will all be detailed in your payment slip.  

Cherri On Top does require that you invoice us as soon as practicable for the amount detailed on your Payment Slip before we can make the payment itself.  

Standard Payment Levels

These are our standard payment levels for small scale theatre/cabaret shows (50 to 150 seats per show).

Crew - Stage Kitten, Stage Management, Front of House

$50 and a free plus one to a single show within the season.

Newer Performer - Debut, new to solo or previously unpaid Performing Artists or Amatuer and Hobbyist Performers.

Single Routine (burlesque, dance, circus, sideshow) or Single Set 10 to 15 min (musician, band or comedian)

$80 and a free plus one to a single show withing the season.

$40 for each additional routine requested.

Experienced Performer - 3 to 5 years of regular paid solo performance.

Single Routine (burlesque, dance, circus, sideshow) or Single Set 10 to 15 min (musician, band or comedian)

$100 and a free plus one to a single show withing the season.

$50 for each additional routine requested.

Headliner - Single Routine (burlesque, dance, circus, sideshow) or Single Set 10 to 15 min (musician, band or comedian)

$180 and a free plus one to a single show withing the season.

$80 for each additional routine requested. 

MC - For a standard two act show with up to 10 cast members

$200 and a free plus one to a single show withing the season.

$100 for each additional act. 

Please note these are our standard rates and from time to time we reserve the right to negotiate different rates with individuals.  Cherri On Top requests that in these circumstances these individuals keep these agreements confidential.


Show Photography and Filming

At Cherri On Top shows we try to have a photographer available at our shows but unfortunately we cannot guarantee this for all of our shows, but we are always looking for new photographers to work with if you have any recommendations.

Under no circumstances will we allow audience members to film the show without your express consent.  Our crew and MC will alert us to any sneaky members of the audience and any images or footage will be requested to be deleted.  Non compliance or repeat offences may result in the audience member being asked to leave.
If you have arranged for a loved one to film your routine that is perfectly fine, we just ask that you please let us kn ow ahead of time.  This is just so we can warn the MC so that their phone does not end up in a jug of beer (don't laugh I have seen it happen).

From Our Photographers

Once we receive the imagery from our photographers we will ensure that everyone receives access to their images for their portfolio.

Please note that any adjustments to the images will need to be requested from the Photographer themselves and may attract additional fees.

When using the images for your website or social media do remember to tag and credit the photographer and the show just as you would the images from a photo shoot.

Marketing Images

Please note that we reserve the right to use any and all images and footage captured at our shows and events in any future marketing, although we always try to use the photos you liked best.

The images you provide to us for show promotion may be used in any of the print posters, social media posts and/or advertisements, programs or press releases but appropriate usage is not limited to just these avenues.


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